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  • Their Boudin Balls are absolutely amazing!! Also, I would highly recommend the Longhorn Pizza. It is super yummy and spicy. The service there is great and the food is yummy — couldn’t ask for anymore! I will be back many more times!

  • These folks came from southern Louisiana, where I’m from too, so believe me when I say “Dat’s some good home town Cajun food”. On my first visit, that gave me a free sampler of gumbo, étouffée, and red beans and rice. It was all delicious. I’ll be coming here often for lunch.

  • Awesome, Awesome, food. Been here several times and the Crawfish etoufee, boudaim balls, and any of the pizza’s are soo good. I lived in Louisiana for 10 years and this place is by far the best in town. We came here tonight 45 minutes before closing and they literary rolled out the red carpet for our 15 person group. The service was exceptional and did I mention the food was greattttt? This is a must try if you like Cajun food.

  • Coming from SOUTH Louisiana this place is AMAZING. Much like the pizza village restaurant in Lafayette, LA! I’ve traveled the world and this is hands down the best. #cajunveteran

  • We ordered a pepperoni, mushroom, bell pepper and jalapeno pizza and it was very yummy in all respects! The crust was thin and very crispy. The veggie toppings were finely diced. The pizza had amazing flavor and crunch! I live 30 min away but will travel to eat this again! Thanks CPP!

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